Florida features 3.500 different plant species – no surprise given the multitude of terrains and habitats in the state. It is estimated that half of all the tree species in the USA are found in Florida:

Palms predominantly grow in Florida´s tropical south. The 66 feet tall Sabal Palmetto is the state´s official tree, but imported species like coconut palms and date trees are found here as well. Cypress and gum trees grow in swampy areas, extensive grass prairies cover the interior, and the coast is lined with mangroves. A particularly interesting species is the Banyan Tree with its gnarly, entwined branches.

Flowers like magnolias, rhododendrons and hibiscus are a feast for the eye. The official flower is the orange blossom: The state is known for its citrus fruits, and orange juice made in Florida is sold all across the USA. Fans of tropical fruits have come to the right place, and it is common to find mangoes, lemons, papayas or lychees in Florida´s gardens.